Binary package for Debian-based systems.

28 July 2008 — Quackle Debian package version 0.96 Released

Download the Debian package: quackle-0.96-1.i386.deb (file size: 33.72 MB, md5: a3e77d9d110115ff1e49411476db0f5f)

Release notes:

5 September 2007 — Quackle Debian package version 0.95 Released

Download the Debian package: quackle-0.95-1.i386.deb (obsolete)

Release notes:

Quackle is maintained by the Quackle team. Visit the Quackle homepage for more information on the program.

Old releases of this package are available via CD if you cover postage and material costs.

This Debian package was created by Brad Mills, who may be contacted at w v s c r a b b l e {at} g m a i l . c o m or via any other means listed at the Kanawha Valley Scrabble Club page.